Lindsey Campbell is a professional makeup artist based in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

As a young girl she would watch her mother 'put on her face'
and remembers feeling completely captivated by the beautiful colors and shiny textures of the makeup. The obsession only grew into her teenage years as a competitive dancer when she would spend hours perfecting stage looks and testing out new products. At that time she knew she was hooked!

Her professional career began in 2006 when she graduated
from the Aveda Esti program and began working as a makeup artist and skincare advisor. She quickly moved to New York
City where she worked as a public relations rep for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics. During this time she was able to perfect
her application techniques with various makeup brands like Elizabeth Arden and Benefit Cosmetics and continue her freelance career. A native Cali girl at heart, she eventually moved back home to the West Coast and has been busy
assisting celebrity makeup artists in Los Angeles and booking new clients in and around San Francisco.

She is available for bookings and would love to work with you!

For inquiries about rates please email
(Hair is available upon request)